HDBase – A Community Website for Huntington’s Disease Research

Welcome to the future home of HDBase, a community website for Huntington’s Disease (HD) research. The purpose of HDBase is to collect and present information that will assist HD researchers in their work. Content areas that may be covered by the site include the following:

  • Therapeutic studies in mouse, primarily drug screens.
  • HD mouse models with a focus on timelines of disease progression.
  • Antibodies used in HD research.
  • Microarray gene expression studies.
  • Genes and proteins relevant to HD research. This includes HD itself, the growing list of proteins thought to interact directly or indirectly with huntingtin (Htt), and other genes and proteins implicated in the disease process.
  • Molecular pathways thought to be involved in the disease process.
  • Timelines of disease for Mouse models

Presently, we have Y2H and Mass Spec. protein-protein interaction data centered around the HD protein (huntingtin) and information on therapeutic studies in mouse. We also have Human and Mouse Affymetrix Microarray data.

The protein interaction data is from several sources, including interactions curated from the literature by ISB staff, experimentally determined interactions produced by Bob Hughes and colleagues at Prolexys (currently password protected, sorry — will be public when the manuscript is published), and interactions reported in a recent publication by Goehler et al from Eric Wanker’s lab.

HDBase is funded by the Hereditary Disease Foundation. The site is developed and operated by the Institute for Systems Biology in association with the Alzheimer Research Forum. HDBase makes extensive use of software developed by the JDRF Center for Bioinformatics, a project funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to create a community website for type 1 diabetes research.

We welcome your comments. Please email us at hdbase@systemsbiology.org.